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Shelby About Us

Bree was so great with our big girl Luna. Really quick too! Very appreciative of the time she spent before and after as well!

Luna's Mom
Brittany About Us

A huge Thank You (and a pug snort too!) to Bree Luton of Nailed It Denver! She came by my little shop today and gave Soleil an impromptu nail trim. Not only did Bree grind her nails down gently, she also cleaned her ears, and gave her a minty-enzyme for her teeth. She even finishes things off with a paw balm. It seems like a small thing, but Bree said she prefers to start with ears, so that her first touch for your dog is a comforting one. She really took time for every detail, even starting the dremel behind her back and quietly so she wouldn’t startle my pugger.

Rich About Us

Bree made trimming my lab’s nails an easy experience for him (and me!). She is quick to respond and easy to communicate with. During her visit, she had treats and was gentle throughout the entire process. I was nervous because Miller has heartworm and needs to stay calm but Bree made it a relaxing time, patiently explaining every step to me and why uses those specific products. She knows what goes into the treats and foot pad balm. I’m pleased with her quality of work and how she treats dogs. I’ll definitely pay to have her trim Miller’s nails again.

Miller's Dad
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