Now are offering drop in house call appointments! 

What is a drop-in appointment? An as-needed nail trim appointment for pets who don’t want to commit to our monthly service route.

If you are curious about our monthly services at a lower cost ask your technician about how to get on our monthly subscription route during your first house call appointment.

To be able to provide services to a high volume of pets, we cannot allow pet parents to pick a time for service to be provided but rather similarly to when you call the cable guy you choose a date and we will give a time window when we will be arriving.

An accurate arrival window is sent one day before your appointment.

So that means when you choose a date to book a house call in our online schedule

The time listed is NOT your appointment time.

Please text us if you have any questions: (703) 592-6926 (We cannot take phone calls at this time)

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Not sure if a house call will work for your pet?


We do consultations at our pop clinics up clinics! Reserve a spot in line and we can take the time to see if your pet is eligible for a house call.