Say goodbye to trying to make time in your busy schedule getting your pet to the vet or groomer for essential nail trims.

Nailed it Denver provides nail trims and additional paw care services in the comfort of your home.

Our goal is to make nail trims a part of life with pawsitive methods and building a personal relationship with your pet.

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In-Home Nail Trims for DOGS & CATS:

$30 one pet  –   $50 two pets   –  $20 per additional pet

  • Nail Trim/Buff
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Nourishing Paw Balm (Dogs Only)
  • TONS of Love, Patience, Pawsitivity and TREATS!!

(please let us know if your pet has any food allergies)


• Feet Tidy (Dogs Only) •                                                      $10

 A Solution to “Grinch Paws” 

• Eye Scoop & Visor Service (Dogs Only) •                      $20

Your dog can’t see between grooming appointments? A good eye scoop and visor trim     can extend the life of a well-maintained hair cut! (This service only available to dogs on a regular grooming schedule.)

• Nail Caps For Cats •                                                                 $20

Add a Soft Paw application to your Cat’s appointment! *Color requests must be made 7 days prior to your appointment.*    

Schedule your Nail Trim Today!


Once your pet and I are appropriately acquainted we can schedule Turn Key Appointments. No fuss trying to merge schedules! Your pet gets a nail trim while you’re at work!

• Free Nail Trims for Foster Pets •

• Discounts for Senior (Humans) in assisted/independent living • 

• Throw a Nail Trim Party! •

Why not mingle with your friends while your pets get their nails trimmed?? 


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Currently held at:

  • Pet Supplies Plus in Golden
  • Paws’n’ Play in Arvada

Are you a pet store or pet professional?

Host your own TOENAIL TUESDAY Event!

(Contact us for more details.)