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“Never start a business to “make money,” start a business to make a difference.” -unknown


Dr. Dolittle, Founder, Owner, & Operator

“Never start a business to “make money,” start a business to make a difference.” -unknown

When your first word is “moo” and you grow up surrounded by animals it isn’t surprising to grow up to be an animal whisperer. Which is precisely what Bree is. Bree spent a great deal of her childhood with her Mom inside of grooming salons, doggy daycares (because why would anyone go to a human one if given the option?), and watching her Dad rodeo while the family was surrounded by horses. It’s easy to see little Bree working as a mini grooming assistant. When leaving the nest, she had her sights set on not making a career out of becoming a groomer. Her first calling was becoming a Colorguard instructor, but she tried to broaden her horizons by attending school to become a dental assistant, working in restaurants, retail, and even door to door sales. 
Life had other plans for Bree though and introduced them in the form of her dog soulmate, Tink, the beautiful boxer mix. With Tink as her guide, Bree applied at Petco in 2011 on her 20th birthday and got the position. Since that moment she has worked to rehabilitate dogs, prepared them for adoption, interned with dog trainers, cared for pets, and (yes) groomed pets in the decade she has been in the industry. Using that time to build a network of brilliant and talented friends while building on the skills she already possessed from childhood. During that decade, her clan had also expanded to include Marilyn the cat from Adams County Animal Shelter in 2012 who was in the back corner of the shelter. Marilyn is known for her resting bitch face which Bree finds impossible to resist.  Next to join was Odie the Purple Poodle who has been a big part of the growth of Nailed It.  While Tink has always acted as a guide pushing Bree towards the right direction, Odie is a teacher in how he has taught Bree the gentle approach to working with animals hands-on. (Don’t forget to check out Odie’s bio!)  Among the three, the clan has also grown to include rats, a rabbit, and fish!
Nailed It Denver was founded four years ago in April of 2017 with a vehicle, a pair of nail trimmers, and a dream. While it may have been a joke at the beginning “Wouldn’t it be just so silly if I only did nail trims all day?” This business has and is continuing to grow.  Bree uses her animal whispering skills to make sure that every dog, cat, and small animal feels safe and pampered during their visit. 

When not working at building up her business, Bree likes to dream about traveling across the United States (eventually the world), embarrassing others with her “spectacular” karaoke skills, plan her next concert outing and next Disney adventure, or even her next tattoo (she likes to claim she will be covered like a billboard one day). She also likes to express herself with her amazingly colorful hair and show off her spooky side through her love of Halloween. Last but not least celebrating other small businesses by attending networking and small business events.

young Bree with donkey
Young Bree with Bunnies
Young Bree with a Horse
Toddler Bree with Puppy
Young Bree with Kitten

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Bree was so great with our big girl Luna. Really quick too! Very appreciative of the time she spent before and after as well!
A huge Thank You (and a pug snort too!) to Bree Luton of Nailed It Denver! She came by my little shop today and gave Soleil an impromptu nail trim. Not only did Bree grind her nails down gently, she also cleaned her ears, and gave her a minty-enzyme for her teeth. She even finishes things off with a paw balm. It seems like a small thing, but Bree said she prefers to start with ears, so that her first touch for your dog is a comforting one. She really took time for every detail, even starting the dremel behind her back and quietly so she wouldn't startle my pugger.
Bree made trimming my lab's nails an easy experience for him (and me!). She is quick to respond and easy to communicate with. During her visit, she had treats and was gentle throughout the entire process. I was nervous because Miller has heartworm and needs to stay calm but Bree made it a relaxing time, patiently explaining every step to me and why uses those specific products. She knows what goes into the treats and foot pad balm. I'm pleased with her quality of work and how she treats dogs. I'll definitely pay to have her trim Miller's nails again.


Nailed it’s mascot & mini sidekick

Meet Odie our fabulous mascot! In 2016 Odie was brought in to to be groomed before he was taken to the shelter. After a couple of hours of Freddy Krueger type moves on the grooming table, Bree decided to find him a forever home. Well that didn’t last long! He has been a big part of the building process of Nailed it Denver. He is the face of our business and is actually available for hire at big or small parties and events!