“The difference between a dog that is groomed every 3 - 6 months and a dog who is groomed every 4 - 6 weeks, is one thinks it's being punished while the other thinks it's a part of life.”

-Tammy Johnson Ellis

Dogs: "Regular nail trims are an important key to your dog's comfort and health. Prolonged periods with long nails can cause injury along with long term arthritic changes and strain on major joints"

Cats: Besides saving your furniture, carpet, various limbs and the family dog. Cats need nail trims to prevent their nails from painfully growing into their pads especially as they age.
Nailed It Denver prides ourselves on using grain free locally made treats during our appointments. But sometimes we need to bust out the peanut butter!
Both are great services but they’re very different. We want to work together to figure out which environment your pet will thrive in. Take into consideration that our House Call services eliminates the amount of stress and stimulation that comes with a car ride, time waiting in line and contact with other pets. In addition the time it takes out of your already busy schedule!
Cash or card. We do not carry change and we do not accept checks.
Dogs: The ideal nail length is short enough to not hear them clicking on the floor when they walk. Once at the preferred length most customers stick to a monthly schedule.

Cats: We have found 4 weeks is sufficient to keep an ideal length.

Due to the limited availability of our one on one specialized services, we are not available to take any new clients that are wanting nail trims less frequent than monthly. Alternatively you can check out our monthly nail trim clinics in denver and surrounding areas.
If your dog is comfortable with it, we prefer to clip then file with a Dremel rather than just using nail clippers. Filing leaves a smooth surface and allows us to safely get their nails much shorter than a traditional nail trim. In addition the dremel doesn't create that uncomfortable pressure that nail clippers create when close to your dog's quick. Cats: We only clip cat nails.
Just an open mind! You will learn a lot. But we do provide service in a bathroom. When you eliminate routes of escape the process goes much smoother.
This is actually a very common misconception. Dog paws are naturally thick, but they should not be overly dry. Dry dog paws are more prone to injury from splitting and cracking while healthy moisturized paw pads are more flexible and will actually allow for dogs to get a better grip!
Dogs: All inclusive complimentary: ear cleaning, teeth gel, Paw balm, nail trim and or grind/dremel, and of course treats, pats and belly rubs! (Peanut butter on hand!)

Cats: Ear cleaning and nail trim in addition to ear and butt scratches.
House Calls: Our appointments usually don't last longer than a half hour.

Clinics: We get your pet taken care of in 15 minutes or less but it varies from pet to pet.
After the first appointment you do not need to be home! We offer turn-key services for the extra busy pet owners.
Of course! We love our kitty clients!
Guinea pigs, bearded dragons, hedgehogs and rabbits* *Rabbits need to be held/restrained by owner.
Nailed It Denver discourages the use of muzzles but if you would feel more comfortable having one handy you are more than welcome to provide one during the appointment.
Not a problem! We work with many frightened pets. We go at their pace to make it a positive experience.
Maybe you have noticed. Cat nail trims go by quickly! Working with cats is like holding a stick of TNT. Their “fuse” is much smaller than a dog's. You have to move quickly and efficiently to make the process as smooth as possible to avoid injury to pet and professional.

Nail trims should not be a punishment!

…But simply a part of life.

Calm techniques, plenty of bribes and just simply some tender loving care is the cornerstone of paving the road to happy pets with happy toes.

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Hours of Operation

Monday – 11am – 7pm*
Tuesday – 11am – 7pm*
Wednesday – 11am – 7pm*
Thursday – 11am – 7pm
Friday – Clinics Only
Saturday – Clinics Only
Sunday – Clinics Only

* Clinics will affect house call hours of operation.

* We do not offer house calls on weekends but we do offer turn-key services.


Cancellation Policy


Once confirmed your time slot is spoken for and no one else can book an appointment during that time. Therefore, a fee of 50% of the total cost of your appointment will be added to your bill. This charge is incurred immediately upon your appointment being canceled or rescheduled within the 48 hour window. 

We appreciate your understanding.