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I don’t breed dogs, I don’t show dogs, I am not an expert on dogs. I am just a dude with two rescue dogs that are over the age of 10. Here’s what I can tell you about Bree, she loves animals, and she’s great with them. One of my girls has diabetes and some serious issue with back and leg tenderness, Bree’ worked on her at least a dozen times now, and she’s so gentle my little dog has never even let go of a little yelp. My other dog is sweet but has a feisty streak, especially when subjected to things she doesn’t like. Bree’s calm but serious nature keeps her in line, and she hasn’t snapped or growled once. Basically, if you love your pets and you are looking for someone to treat them the way you would treat them, Bree is who you want to take them to.

Jeff Vera Client of Nailed It
Jeff Vera

Bree was extremely kind and patient with my cat, Camilla. Camilla hates getting her nails trimmed. She runs and hisses, but Bree handled her with care and professionalism. I am so glad that we found Nailed It! My wild little cat will never have to get stressed going to the vet for a nail trim again! Thank you, Bree!

Lindsay Lu Postrado Client of Nailed It
Lindsay Lu Postrado

Our first of many visits, and it was phenomenal! Bree was so patient with our kitty, Mittens. She is very knowledgeable, and patient. It was so cool she came to our place, which made it so much less stressful for Mittens, he never left his home. Her communication is excellent, and she is a natural animal lover. Highly recommended her and her services, very pleased. Thank you Bree!!

JacqueLynn Tweed Client of Nailed It
JacqueLynn Tweed

There’s no one I would trust more to care for my little girl than Bree. She has always done an incredible job with Zoey and Bree is not only caring and loving, she’s a professional as well. She shows up on time, she’s courteous, and she always makes me feel like my dog is in the best hands possible.

Todd Dempster Client of Nailed It
Todd Dempster

What a great service! Bree was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. She is in and out with minimal discomfort to your pet(s). She did all 3 of our pets-2 dogs and a cat-in under 10 minutes. I love that she travels and comes directly to your home. If you’re looking for a pet nail trimmer, you can’t go wrong with Nailed It Denver!

Stacie Marie Client of Nailed It
Stacie Marie

Illustration Credit: Denver Pet Pics

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