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Covid Policy

Ear cleaning, teeth gel, and paw balm services are all complimentary. Due to the Pandemic Protocol, complimentary services are halted until further notice.

If any team member is informed that they have been exposed to COVID in ANY way Nailed It halts that team member’s operations until they receive a negative test result. In the event they receive a positive test result we will contact every single client that that team member has been in contact with within the past 14 days. 

We require Pet Parents to wear masks fully over noses and mouths while we are on the premises. If a Pet Parent is unable to wear a mask due to medical conditions we ask that a different member of the household assist and unmasked persons maintain a 6 foot or greater distance. 

We WILL enter homes as long as our pet’s two-legged companions maintain a 6ft distance from us while team members are not exposed to outdoor airflow.

If a Pet Parent is required to assist with services, Nailed It Denver will provide services on back porches, in garages, and/or in backyards to ensure open airflow during service. Rain or shine!

We understand that some may be comfortable allowing us inside and assisting. But policies like this keep us in operation and your families safe.